1. Greetings Namtar! How you survived end of the year and how are you doing in this new one?

The level of exhaust fumes emitted by the Silesian chimneys has recently declined, so this is why for the first time the amount of alcohol in our blood counterbalances the amount of the lead in our bloodstreams. I can therefore say that the new 2009 year started extraordinarily non-toxically. Fortunately our technician is already stealing the spirit from the Byelorussian train, which is staying on the side track so I bet that the lack of the lead will be quickly replaced with some other crap, so everything will then come back to the normality.


2. The most actual theme about Furia is your new EP, which is going to be released in these days under the banner of Pagan records. As I heard one sample on your official web pages, you’ll continue in “classic” style from “Martwa polska jesien”. Nevertheless, is there something, which will surprise us on the material? One track will not tell everything…

Nihil grew his hair on the elbow, and Sars mentioned something about his new photo-cured filling in his only healthy tooth, but I don’t think that those changes were noticeable in any of the sounds present on that mCD. Furia and MasseMord are our little harlots which we use any time we fell like blowing our stones. Regardless to the amount of the ejaculation liquid it will be always possible to recognize, who’s rerponsible for all of this.

3. As I noticed, you’ll continue with lyrics about nature, man in general, etc. Anyway, is there any specific concept on EP? Some lyrical differences from “Martwa polska jesien”? And can you describe more closely, where is the main message of Furia? It’s pretty well-known that you’re plenty misanthropic. Are you the same as a people or is it only “pose” in music?

Unfortunately, the truth is that by being poseurs we cure from the scars of the childhood, which we spent playing on the beater and dreaming of the toys from Pewex or Baltona. This is why we don’t make friends with too many people and in the interviews we fake self-opinionated fools, because we think that we will be never understood anyway. And our lyrics concern people closest to us – dead people in the dead enviornment.

4. For me, as a listener, is strongly interesting if groups applying more than one vocal. You used one in the past – maybe beyond some moments – but on new EP will be three voices, your one included. From my view; Furia is more brutal than Massemord in this vein. For example the tortured vocals on debut are amazing, because they has been used in slow moments, where’re vocals dominant. Highly positive!

Vocals of Płoń scratches the god’s face!

5. I also have noticed that new full-length album will be recorded and released this year. So it’s pretty natural that this question will be about this future article… I’m sure there are many things you can say us about it, because “Martwa polska jesien” is highly appreciated in Czech Republic.

I haven’t known that Furia is appreciated in the Czech Republic, however I know that the Czech black metal (in general) is in Poland rather an object of jokes. Coming back to the new LP – so far it is difficult for me to judge it. Right now I am not satisfied with the results of this production, because we had used – in my opinion – too many synthesizers, and the guest feature of George Michel is something we could have given up.


6. You’re very solicitous about artworks and photos, am I right? Or is music the first thing before image? As I saw on Metal-archives, someone posted your new photo, which is different from previous; human, nothing synthetic. Just “funny” snapshot. And that’s appreciated.

Furia and MasseMord connect what’s sophisticated and what’s spontaneous. Mocking and ironic laughter and radically serious negativism, however I prefer to talk rather about relativism. You therefore never know, where’s the border between delirium of a sick mind and genious of nonsense, you never know where the distance to the life itself ends, and the cabaret and pose begins. On the one hand each element of our creation is intentional and has its own, definite role, on the other hand we let ourselves become only an istrument – in order to enable something more to speak, not only the perfect rationalism. We love to look into the abyss and we let abyss observe us – sometimes there is much to say, so we can’t keep pace with writing the materials. This is why under the sign of ‘let-the-world-burn’ another our projects are going to be included soon.

7. Well, let’s have a small look to your history. “I spokoj” was recorded only by Nihil, but “I krzyk” was work of more than one man. When the break was born? Because this step meant that Furia turns from project into regular group, available for concerts, etc.

There would be some truth if we admit that the responsibility for the fact that in 2003 Furia was the Project of Nihil only, can be put on me and Sars. After ‘i spokój’ had been recorded some issues changed, and Since 2004 we try not to kill each other.

8. If I speak about concerts, you’ll have a tour with Infernal War, Anima Damnata, etc. Are you people, who hate long touring and like one day gigs or not? Is possible that you’ll have some as a support for your upcoming album? And of course, are you looking forward on this one with meant groups?

Furia without concerts could be like porn movie without cumshot. Everything else doesn’t matter, it is just own satisfaction what counts. Ugh!



1. You did one change in your line-up not long ago, maybe just after recording or releasing last album, not pretty sure about it. Why Darkside went out? And what are you expect from new drummer?

Darkside was fired from the band because all MasseMord became an object of jokes, that we are the skinniest black metal band of the world. This is why we decided to increase the average weight and we hired Priest from Enclave. Theoretically speaking I’m the next in a line, for the time being I can sleep in peace, unless – the present skinniest BM band in the world – Blaze of Perdition – has any fat guy as a member. So the requirenments for the drum players aren’t too high – he cannot fall over in the wind, he must drink alcohol and slash the blasts.

2. In Massemord is almost the same line-up as in Furia, the difference is that you’re sings and new drummer is from Enclave. What role is better for you? Be in touch with the fans on gigs behind microphone or set the pace with drums?

The truth is that I hate concerts, because I’m always stressed and nervous so I don’t care in which part of the stage I am and what I play, a concert lasting an hour is for me identical trauma each time. But thanks to the fore-concert diarrhea I don’t have any stomach problems afterwards. So it is worth.

3. I see nice variation between “Let the World Burn” and “The Whore of Hate, if we’ll speak about vocal parts. Mainly my colleague, who made a review, was very delighted that your vocals on “The Whore of Hate” are more brutal than ever in Massemord. Is this little change in voice connected with concept of the album or you simply want to sing unlikely?

The vocals on those records express totally different emotions – this is why they vary so much. We don’t care about so called brutality of vocals or the record itself; smashing the sculls of the Christian carcass and apocalyptical destruction under the sign of Lucifer we leave to those, for whom the convention is the most important thing in all that fun.

4. Let’s stay with meant two albums. If you’ll look on them, where is the main difference for you? What is better, worse, more interesting and compact, etc.?

Because on “The Whore of Hate” there are no samples from the porn movies, I listen to this material definitely more rarely. Another important difference, which probably no one but us realizes, is the fact, that „Let the world burn” is much more Silesian in its significance. It doesn’t change the fact, that both records are kicking ass of Jehovah and Allah, not to mention Hitler.


5. You have released live album, even before debut release in 2007. That’s pretty unusual step. Why did you do that? Interesting offer from label? Good record? I’ll understand this live album like a preview of a debut, but if we’ll notify that the first full-length came 4 years after, my supposition is broken. So where was the reason that you have released “Let the World Burn” seven years after born of Massemord in 2000?

Live demo “Silesian Fire” we put out at our own expense as a specific souvenir of the carnal and spiritual degradation, which took place in Szczecinek in 2004. Who wasn’t at this concert will never understand this. And the fact that our debut was released 3 years later doesn’t matter at all.

6. While Nihil prefer Polish in Furia, Massemord is completely in English. Do you think that people from the rest of world will have better idea about your music and lyrics in general? I know from my own experience that many words can’t be translated into English without damage of original version…

I don’t know what the people from the other parts of the world think, but I completely don’t give a fuck. In MM I use both languages in turns, with no artificial distinction, however in the beginning – I admit – English was the priority. Now I am more and more willing to give up this language due to repeatable, boring, empty, pretty and terribly sounding well-known phrases of theoretically outstanding black metal songwriters. War, pain & destruction!

7. Connected one; Massemord are musically very aggressive and texts are going in same vein, am I right? But I don’t believe that their essence is just simple cliché. Where are you taking your inspiration? From people around you, casual situations from every day life, or…?

Inspiration is the wrong word, because everything you mentioned can’t be, in any way, inspiring. My muse is the negation, my ambition – it’s absoluteness.

8. OK, that’s really all from my side. First, thank you for that chance to make interview about both groups and of course your time. It’s good to know that we have near by people which know how to make good music rather unlike. And second, we’re looking forward to your gig in Czech Republic and Mortem zine is waiting for your upcoming releases from Furia and Massemord. Have a good time and be well.

Hate us.