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Even if you’re not good at it from the start, you will notice a huge difference in mood. Musicians, writers, artists can imagine a story, hear a tune, or simply see something in the world differently, and convey that to others. Music is a universal language that everyone speaks. Without music, life would not be the same. However, we often forget the effect of music. Sometimes, it even surprises us how music inspires everyone – even people who would never call themselves artists. It’s because music wakes the artist within all of us. Music makes us feel, imagine, and be present and live the moment like no other sense can. Scents can bring back memories, can evoke emotions, but music offers a transcending experience. That’s why we include music in our lives. Some people do not leave the house without their music. Others use the radio to begin their day. And of the many benefits that music can give us, the ones we’ve shown below are the most poignant, and yet, easy to miss.

It’s not about genre – it’s about what you love

Genres and subgenres of music, if you begin to research them all, you will find there are many. Each and every band has a different sound, each artist creates different music. Yet, we often fall into the misapprehension that only certain genres – like classical music for example – can make you more productive, or can inspire you. There was even a Mozart Myth, which said that listening to Mozart can raise your IQ, have you perform better at tasks and exams. But if you are not a classical music enthusiast, chances are listening to Mozart will not make you more effective. You wouldn’t become an overachiever just because you force yourself to listen to the genre of music that does not evoke anything in you. It’s about what you love. What you enjoy listening to depends solely on you, and what is pleasing to your ears and through your ears to your mind. You can listen to death metal or black metal if you wish, and you will perform your tasks better. You will find studying easier. Hell, if you are a bet365 fan, you could make better wagers while listening to your favorite tunes.


Music evokes emotions

This one is a given. It is the reason why we listen to music. Some studies show that listening to sad music when you are feeling sad does not make it worse – in fact, it allows for a connection between your emotions and the music you are listening to. The resulting effect is feeling comfort. As if the combination of the sounds and the lyrics offers a hug, a pat on the back, and the promise that you are not alone. Someone else felt the same, someone else felt the same emotions as you. There is power in music. There is a reason why often, when you are feeling good, music that used to evoke sadness would not be appealing to you. In the same manner, music that evoked happiness would not have the same effect if you are feeling down. In that line, music often correlates with our emotions. It can amplify them, but it can also lower their intensity. Music can make difficult times bearable, it can offer comfort. And it can create such emotions, that it will inspire you.

Music inspires writers

In the acknowledgment section of some books, you might find authors thanking musicians and bands whose songs they used as a means of fighting writer’s block, or simply as a daily inspiration. This occurrence does not happen to just a few writers out there. If you do a little research, you will discover that music has inspired writers for a very long time. Songs inspire stories, and in turn, stories get to inspire songs as well. Also, instrumental songs evoke such emotions of awe in the writer that they often help kick start their imagination. Writers look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere, if they are to write for hours every day, and listening to music often makes the process easier and entertaining as well.

Often, it’s about the lyrics

People are often touched and inspired by the lyrics of a song, not just the music. Lyrics often tell stories or share emotional experiences. Lyrics can be about life, death, the universe, what it means to be human. They can be about enduring pain or going through difficult times. In that manner, lyrics augment the feelings the music evokes and makes them stronger, sharper, and heightened. As such, we often remember what we were doing upon hearing a verse for the first time, even if we did not realize it at the time. That’s how music aids memory, and why it only happens with music that we love. The music that’s pleasing to our ears, that we enjoy the most will leave the strongest impression, and as such, what happened while we were listening to it will still be connected in our minds. You have probably had an experience where walking past a certain place makes you remember a song or a verse from a song – it’s because you heard that part when you walked by the same place, and the connection has remained.

Music makes you effective

For some people, it is impossible to do anything without listening to the music they love. Others claim that they wish to enjoy their favorite songs when they are completely relaxed and not focusing on something else. Moreover, some people believe that if they listen to music they will get distracted from the task at hand, while others claim it helps them focus. In a way, all of them are right. Each person experiences music in a different way. However, music that is played too low in volume, or too high, can be very distracting. When the music is too low, your ears will detect the noise and strain to hear it, which can cause distraction and impede effectiveness. On the other hand, music that is very loud will overtax your brain trying to both concentrate on the task at hand and adapt to the high volume. But, if you find the perfect volume, music can be a pleasant soundtrack to whatever you are doing, be it walking, working, exercising, or driving. For that reason, while not everyone will be motivated by the same genre and volume of music, with the right combination, you can find the perfect balance which will make your tasks easier and make you more effective.